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News Update
Remember 01382552755 for club Newsline.

28/01/04 - News Update

Latest OVD Scottish Cup odds from William Hill
7/2 Tayport 4 Kilwinning 9/2 Glenafton 8 Linlithgow, Maryhill 10 Kilsyth 12 Hill of Beath, Kilbirnie 14 Cambuslang, Newtongrange 16 Sauchie 22 Glencairn, Glenrothes, Musselburgh 25 Carnoustie 50 Blantyre, Dunipace, Forth
Ew 1/2 12 All Quoted
Rangers (Kilwinning, Kilsyth and Cambuslang) are now 15/8 to win the Junor Cup.
The Glens (Glenafton, Glenrothes and Glencairn) are 11/4 to win the Junior Cup.

28/01/04 - News Update

In a surprise move Tayport is set bring scoring legend Dave Reilly back to The
Canniepairt. Veteran striker Reilly, who was released by North End earlier this
week, will return to the club with whom he kicked off his Junior career
fourteen years ago. Although cup-tied in several tournaments, DR will give
manager Dave Baikie cover for league fixtures.

27/01/04 - News Update

William Hill prices for Sat 31/01/04
6/5 Kilsyth 5/2 Shotts 8/5
2/1 Bathgate 11/4 Tayport 10/11
4/6 Bo地ess 13/5 Oakley 3/1
7/2 Dundee NE 5/2 Arniston 8/13
5/4 Glenrothes 5/2 Bonnyrigg 6/4
1/3 Linlithgow 10/3 Kelty 6/1
2/1 Armadale 11/4 Fauldhouse 10/11
9/2 Edinburgh Utd 13/5 Camelon 1/2
9/2 Dundonald 13/5 Hill of Beath 1/2
6/1 Broughty 10/3 Lochee Utd 1/3
12/5 Musselburgh 5/2 Whitburn 5/6
2/5 Sauchie 10/3 Harthill 9

21/01/04 - News Update

William Hill odds for this weekend 24/01/04
Scottish Junior Cup Fourth Round (1:45pm) 
3/1 Blantyre Vics 13/5 Carnoustie 4/6
9/2 Darvel 10/3 Kilbirnie 2/5
1/3 Hill of Beath 10/3Culter 6/1
15/8 Renfrew 13/5 Linlithgow Evs 
15/8 Royal Albert 13/5 Musselburgh Evs
7/4 R Glencairn 5/2 Beith 11/10
9/2 Shettleston 13/5 Kilwinning 1/2
11/8 Vale of Leven 5/2 Cambuslang 11/8

Scottish Junior Cup Fourth Round Replays (1:00pm)
11/8 Arniston 5/2 Tayport 11/8
6/4 Forth 13/5 Dunipace 5/4 
/6 Glenafton 5/2 Bo地ess 12/5
11/8 Neilston 5/2 Kilsyth 11/8

OVD Scottish Junior Cup
13/2 Kilwinning, Maryhill 7 Linlithgow 8 Glenafton 10 Tayport 12 Arniston, Kilsyth 14 Bo地ess, Hill of Beath, Kilbirnie, Newtongrange 16 Neilston, Renfrew, Sauchie 20 Cambuslang, Carnoustie, Glenrothes 25 Beith, Glencairn, Shettleston 33 Dunipace, Musselburgh, Vale of Leven 50 Blantyre, Darvel, Royal Albert 66 Culter, Forth Ew 1/2 12All Quoted

After training this week Port have a couple of players who will have late fitness tests before Saturdays match, both are hopeful they will make selection.

20/01/04 - News Update

Please note new kick off time for Arniston v Tayport OVD replay now 1-00pm

15/01/04 - News Update

**late fitness test will be for a committee man** Our
main gate-checker Sandy McDade is recovering from a broken collar bone, but is
confident that he should fit for Saturday!
NO SLEEPING ON THE JOB (article in this weeks Daily Record Sportsweek about Kevin Heenan)
MOST people dream of one day having their pick of some of the biggest clubs in Britain Click here for more.

14/01/04 - News Update

Latest Betting Odds from William Hill

Scottish Junior Cup Fourth Round (1:45pm) 
3/1 Blantyre Vics 13/5 Carnoustie 4/6
6/4 Bo地ess 13/5 Glenafton 5/4 
5/4 Bonnyrigg 13/5 Maryhill 6/4
9/2 Darvel 10/3 Kilbirnie 2/5 
4/6 Dunipace 12/5 Forth 10/3 
2/7 Glenrothes 7/2 Lochgelly 7/1 
1/3 Hill of Beath 3/1 Culter 6/1 
10/11 Kilsyth 5/2 Neilston 11/5 
5/2 Newtongrange 5/2 Bathgate 4/5 
15/8 Renfrew 13/5 Linlithgow Evs 
15/8 Royal Albert 13/5 Musselburgh Evs 
7/4 Rutherglen Gl 5/2 Beith 11/10 
2/5 Sauchie 10/3 Largs 9/2 
9/2 Shettleston 13/5 Kilwinning 1/2 
Evs Tayport 13/5 Arniston 15/8 
1/8 Vale of Leven 5/2 Cambuslang 11/8

OVD Scottish Junior Cup
13/2 Kilwinning 7 Linlithgow 8 Maryhill, Tayport 10 Glenafton 12 Kilsyth 14 Arniston, Bo地ess, Hill of Beath, Kilbirnie 16 Bathgate, Bonnyrigg, Neilston, Newtongrange 20 Cambuslang, Carnoustie, Renfrew, Sauchie 25 Beith, Glencairn, Shettleston, Glenrothes 33 Dunipace, Largs, Musselburgh, Vale of Leven 50 Blantyre, Darvel, Lochgelly, Royal Albert 66 Culter, Forth Ew 1/2 12 All Quoted

08/01/04 - News Update

Latest prices from William Hill

OVD Scottish Junior Cup 13/2 Kilwinning 
7 Linlithgow 
8 Maryhill, Tayport
10 Glenafton 
12 Kilsyth 
14 Arniston, Bo地ess, Hill of Beath, Kilbirnie 
16 Bathgate, Bonnyrigg, Neilston, Newtongrange 
20 Cambuslang, Carnoustie, Renfrew, Sauchie 
25 Beith, Glencairn, Shettleston, Glenrothes 
33 Dunipace, Largs, Musselburgh, Vale of Leven 
50 Blantyre, Darvel, Lochgelly, Royal Albert 
66 Culter, Forth 
Ew 1/2 12All Quoted


East Super League 

11/8 Tayport 2 Bathgate 2 Linlithgow 9/2 Arniston 8 Bo地ess 10 Bonnyrigg


07/01/04 - News Update

***PLEASE NOTE*** Venue change Sat 10th Bankfoot match now at Canniepairt K Off 1-15, Bankfoot ground is icebound,

23/12/03 - News Update

In the draw
for the NCR (North / Tayside) Cup 3rd round we're away to Parkvale in Aberdeen.
That tie is on 7th February at 1.45pm kick-off. John Ward is available this weekend (Oakley away)after his one game suspension.

18/12/03 - News Update

Here are the latest outright odds from William HILL for the OVD Scottish Junior Cup 13/2 Kilwinning 7 Linlithgow 8 Maryhill, Tayport 10 Glenafton 12 Kilsyth 14 Arniston, Bo地ess, Hill of Beath, Kilbirnie 16 Bathgate, Bonnyrigg, Kelty, Neilston, Newtongrange 20 Cambuslang, Carnoustie, Hurlford, Renfrew, Sauchie 25 Beith, Glencairn, Shettleston, Glenrothes 33 Dunipace, Largs, Musselburgh, Vale of Leven 50 Blantyre, Darvel, Lochgelly, Royal Albert 66 Culter, Forth Ew 1/2 12All Quoted

16/12/03 - News Update

Full 4th round draw for OVD scottish Cup

Bonnyrigg Rose v Maryhill; Hill of Beath v Culter; Royal Albert or Kelty Hearts v Musselburgh Ath; Renfrew v Linlithgow Rose; Shettleston v Kilwinning Rangers; Vale of Leven v Cambuslang Rangers; Blantyre Vics v Neilston; Tayport v Arniston Rangers; Glenrothes v Lochgelly Albert; Glencairn v Beith; Newtongrange Star v Bathgate Th or Hurlford Utd; Bo'ness Utd v Glenafton Ath; Sauchie v Largs Thistle; Darvel v Kilbirnie Ladeside; Dunipace v Forth Wanderers.

15/12/03 - News Update

This weeks match odds from William Hill
23/10 Auchinleck 13/5 Kilwinning 5/6
4/11 Glenafton 16/5 Kilbirnie 11/2
4/7 Maryhill 11/4 Larkhall 7/2
11/5 Neilston 5/2 Cumnock 10/11
Evs Pollok 13/5 Arthurlie 15/8
4/7 Troon 11/4 Johnstone 7/2
7/4 Beith 5/2 Cumbernauld 11/10
Evs Bellshill 13/5 Kilsyth 15/8
6/4 Petershill 13/5 Irvine Meadow 5/4
2/5 Renfrew 10/3 Benburb 9/2
4/7 Shettleston 11/4 Lugar 7/2
1/2 Bo地ess 13/5 Glenrothes 9/2
5/4 Lochee Utd 13/5 Bonnyrigg 6/4
6/4 Oakley 13/5 Linlithgow 5/4
4/11 Tayport 16/5 Dundee NE 11/2
5/4 Ardrossan 5/2 Annbank 6/4
9/5 Craigmark 5/2 Largs Evs
2/5 Darvel 10/3 Dalry 4
2/7 Irvine Vics 7/2 Ardeer 6
2/7 Kello 7/2 Whitletts 6
1/5 Maybole 4 Muirkirk 8
1/4 Arniston 7/2 Livingston 17/2
7/2 Dundonald 11/4 Hill of Beath 4/7

East Super League
7/2 Arniston 7/2 Bathgate
7/2 Tayport 4 Linlithgow 8 Bonnyrigg 8 Bo地ess
10 Oakley 20 Kelty 20 Lochee Utd Ew 1/5 1-2-3

09/12/03 - News Update

Saturday 13th Dec William Hill odds

Scottish Cup Third Round (1:45pm)
Home, Draw Away 
6 Royal Albert 10/3 Kelty Hearts 1/3 
Scottish Cup Third Round Replays (1:00pm) 
4/7 Arniston 11/4 Johnstone 7/2 
7/4 Forfar West End 5/2 Dunipace 11/10 
11/10 Hill of Beath 5/2 Larkhall 7/4 
6/4 Hurlford 13/5 Bathgate 5/4 
2/5 Largs 10/3 Whitletts 9/2 
8/13 Lochee Utd 13/5 Newtongrange 10/3 
4 Rob Roy 14/5 Tayport 1/2 
6/4 Sauchie 13/5 Bellshill 5/4 
1/2 Yoker 14/5 Forth 4

OVD Scottish Junior Cup 
13/2 Linlithgow, Maryhill 8 Kilwinning 9 Tayport 10 Glenafton, Kilsyth 14 Arniston, Bo地ess 16 Bathgate, Kelty, Kilbirnie, Larkhall, Neilston 20 Bonnyrigg, Carnoustie, Hill of Beath, Johnstone, Renfrew, Shettleston 25 Beith, Glenrothes, Lochee Utd 33 Cambuslang, Hurlford, Newtongrange, Rutherglen Glencairn, Sauchie 40 Largs, Musselburgh 50 Dunipace, Lochgelly, Rob Roy, Vale of Leven 66 Blantyre, Forfar WE, Royal Albert, Yoker 100 Culter, Darvel, Forth, Whitletts Ew 1/2 12All Quoted

05/12/03 - News Update

Latest William Hill Odds
Saturday 6 December Home Draw Away Scottish Junior Cup Third Round (1:45pm) 
9 Ardrossan 7/2 Kilsyth 1/4 
8/13 Bathgate 14/5 Hurlford 3 
1/5 Beith 4 Vale of Clyde 10 
2/5 Bellshill 10/3 Sauchie 9/2 
1/6 Bonnyrigg 9/2 Glasgow Perthshire 11 
1/10 Bo地ess 13/2 Forfar Albion 12 
10/11 Dunipace 11/4 Forfar West End 2 
5/2 Johnstone 5/2 Arniston 4/5 
1/6 Kilbirnie 9/2 Dunbar 11 
2/5 Kilwinning 10/3 Petershill 9/2 
Evs Larkhall 13/5 Hill of Beath 15/8 
6/4 Lugar 13/5 Carnoustie 5/4 
1/8 Maryhill 11/2 Pumpherston 11 
7 Montrose Roselea 7/2 Glenafton 2/7 
2/7 Musselburgh 7/2 Longside 7 
2/9 Neilston 4 Formartine 8 
15/8 Newtongrange 13/5 Lochee Utd Evs 
4 Penicuik 11/4 Renfrew 1/2 
1/4 Pollok 7/2 Cambuslang 17/2 
6 Royal Albert 10/3 Kelty 1/3 
3 Rutherglen Glencairn 14/5 Whitburn 8/13 
10/11 Shettleston 5/2 St Anthonys11/5 
9/2 St Andrews 10/3 Glenrothes 2/5 
1/6 Tayport 9/2 Rob Roy 10 
11/5 Troon 5/2 Linlithgow 10/11 
5/2 Arbroath SC 12/5 Blantyre 4/5 
2/5 Darvel 10/3 Fochabers 9/2 
16/5 Forth 11/4 Yoker 8/13 
9/4 Glentanar 12/5 Culter 10/11 
8/11 Lochgelly 5/2 Irvine Vics 11/4 
1/2 Vale of Leven 3 Edinburgh Utd 4 
11/4 Whitletts 13/5 Largs 8/11 
OVD Scottish Junior Cup 7 Pollok, Tayport 8 Linlithgow, Maryhill 10 Kilwinning 12 Glenafton, 14 Kilbirnie, Kilsyth 16 Arniston, Bathgate, Bo地ess, Kelty, Larkhall, Neilston, Whitburn 20 Bellshill, Hill of Beath, Johnstone 25 Beith, Bonnyrigg, Carnoustie, Lochee Utd, Renfrew, Shettleston 33 Glencairn, Glenrothes, Hurlford, Newtongrange, Petershill, Troon 40 Largs, Lugar, St Anthony痴 66 Cambuslang, Musselburgh, Perthshire, Rob Roy Ew 1/2 12Others on Request

29/11/03 - News Update

To celebrate the magnifcent achievments of last season TAYPORT FC has commissioned
a SPECIAL MALT WHISKY blended to celebrate the clubs successes.

Limited Edition Whisky 」23-50 Click here

27/11/03 - News Update

Redwood Leisure Cup Draw
St Andrews United v Tayport; Arbroath SC v Rosyth;
Carnoustie v Lochore; Dundonald v Forfar WE; Elmwood v Oakley; Glenrothes v
Lochee United; Kelty v Broughty; North End v Lochgelly; No dates yet for ties

25/11/03 - News Update - William Hill odds

Sat 29th Nov

East Region Super League (2.00pm) 
8/15 Tayport 13/5 Kelty 4 

East Region Cup Matches (1:15pm) 
2/7 Bo地ess 7/2 Penicuik 7 
11/10 Whitburn 5/2 Fauldhouse 7/4
9/2 Dalkeith 10/3 Arniston 2/5
1/5 Linlithgow 4 Haddington 10
5/2 Glenrothes 5/2 Bathgate 4/5




West Region Super League Premier Division (2:00pm) 1/3 Arthurlie 3 Larkhall 7
1/2 Cumnock 13/5 Neilston 9/2
2/7 Glenafton 7/2 Johnstone 7
2/5 Maryhill 10/3 Auchinleck 9/2
2/7 Pollok 7/2 Kilbirnie 7
5/2 Troon 5/2 Kilwinning 4/5 

West Region Super League First Division (2:00pm) 
11/8 Benburb 5/2 Shettleston 11/8
10/11 Cumbernauld 5/2 Beith 11/5
11/8 Hurlford 5/2 Shotts 11/8
2/5 Irvine Meadow 10/3 Lugar 9/2
2 Petershill 12/5 Kilsyth Evs
7/4 Renfrew 5/2 Bellshill 11/10

23/11/03 - News Update

North End Challenge Cup 1st round - 
Carnoustie Panmure v Tayport; 
Brechin Vics v Forfar WE; 
Broughty Ath v Lochee United; 
Forfar Albion v Arbroath SC; 
Jeanfield Swifts v Downfield;  
Kirrie v Coupar Angus; 
Lochee Harp v Elmwood; 
Montrose v Dundee North End. 
Others byes . No dates have been arranged for games.

Scott Peters
resumes training this week after his long absence through injury.
Scott hopes to be ready for selection by early new year

Grant Paterson and Sean Christie are free from suspension and are available for this week. Allan Ramsay hopes to be fit enough for selection.

21/11/03 - News Update

Keep an eye on news page for Tayport Malt Whisky to celebrate last season's successes. The label will carry a photo of the team. Will be out in plenty time for Christmas 」23-50

21/11/03 - News Update W-Hill prices

Whyte & Mackay 
East Super League

7/2 Bathgate 7/2Linlithgow 
9/2 Arniston  5 Bo地ess  5 Tayport 10 Kelty  12 Lochee Utd  16 Oakley 22 Bonnyrigg 40 Glenrothes 40 Hill Of Beath 66 Dundee NE Ew 1/5 1-2-3

OVD Scottish Junior Cup 
7 Tayport 8 Linlithgow, Maryhill, Pollok 10 Kilwinning 12 Glenafton, 14 Kilbirnie, Kilsyth 16 Arniston, Bathgate, Bo地ess, Kelty, Larkhall, Neilston, Whitburn 20 Bellshill, Hill of Beath, Johnstone 25 Beith, Bonnyrigg, Carnoustie, Lochee Utd, Renfrew, Shettleston 33 Dundee NE, Glencairn, Glenrothes, Hurlford, Newtongrange

Saturday 22 Nov
East Region Super League (2.00pm) 5/4 Bonnyrigg 13/5 Oakley 6/4 6/4 Hill of Beath 13/5 Glenrothes 5/4 East Region Cup Matches (1:15pm) 1/5 Arniston 9/2 Roysth 8 
4/11 Bo地ess 10/3 Pumpherston 5 
6/5 Camelon 5/2 Kelty 8/5 
1/6 Linlithgow 9/2 Newburgh 10 
1/5 Lochee U 9/2 Maud 8 
5 Sunnybank 10/3 Tayport 4/11

16/11/03 - News Update

OVD 3rd round draw Tayport will entertain Kirkintilloch Rob Roy on December 6.
Tie of the round could be Johnstone Burgh v Arniston Ranger West v East
Full draw - click

09/11/03 - News Update

The draw for Round Three is in the Petershill Social Club next Sunday afternoon = 1.30 pm.

08/11/03 - News Update

The gaffer brought in Doug Scott on the subs bench for cover today and Barry McNaughton was at the match. Barry is on his way to recovery but his face is still badly swollen.

06/11/03 - News Update

Participating clubs have been canvassed by the SJFA on their opinions with regard to the Super Cup, it's format, timing etc. It is understood that the colour element in the Port Prog could soon be coming to an end. escalating costs have meant that the programme will return to black and white issue.
Port supporter Andy Robertson (of Andy and Sandy fame) had an e-mail from a friend in Detroit, Steve Barnett. the e-mail was brief and to the point. "I'm coming over. Are the Juniors home any of these weekends?" Looks like a trip to Aberdeen could be on the cards.
NCR Cup SunnyBank defeated Hall Russel 3-6 = Sunnybank v Tayport 22/11/03 note 1-30 KO

02/11/03 - News Update

04.48pm Sunday 02/11/03
Latest news update on the injury to Barry McNaughton.

Barry was taken to hospital during the half time interval and was kept under observation until 10 pm Saturday evening. Nothing is broken but his eye is closed and he required paper stitches to the wound.

28/10/03 - News Update

Here are the odds from William Hill Camelon are still being the subject of many enquirys to win the Scottish Cup, there latest odds are 25/1.

Saturday 1 November Home Draw Away 

West Region Super League Premier Division (2:00pm) 
9/5 Auchinleck 11/4 Arthurlie Evs 
4/6 Cumnock 13/5 Troon 3 
14/5 Kilbirnie 14/5 Maryhill 4/6 
6/5 Kilwinning 5/2 Pollok 8/5 
8/11 Larkhall 13/5 Johnstone 11/4 
14/5 Neilston 14/5 Glenafton 4/6 

West Region Super League First Division (2:00pm) 
10/11 Bellshill 5/2 Irvine Meadow 11/5 
11/10 Benburb 5/2 Beith 7/4 
4/5 Hurlford 11/4 Cumbernauld 23/10 
1/5 Kilsyth 9/2 Lugar 8 4/6 Petershill 13/5 Renfrew 3 
11/8 Shettleston 5/2 Shotts 11/8 

East Region Super League (2.15pm) 
3 Dundee NE 13/5 Bathgate 4/6 
8/5 Kelty 5/2 Arniston 6/5 
1/4 Linlithgow 4 Glenrothes 7 
6/5 Lochee Utd 5/2 Bo地ess 8/5 
4/5 Oakley 11/4 Hill of Beath 23/10 
4/9 Tayport 11/4 Bonnyrigg 5 
All prices are subject to fluctuation Singles Accepted

25/10/03 - News Update

Redwood Leisure 1st round results.
Carnoustie 1 Kirkcaldy 1
Crossgates 1 Arbroath SC 2
Dundonald 6 Downfield 1
Steelend 1 Forfar 5
Dundee Violet 1 Glenrothes 3
Thornton 0 North End 1
Jeanfield 2 Rosyth 4
Tayport 3 Kirrie 1
Kinnoul 2 St Andrews 3
Oakley 3 Luncarty 1
Newburgh 0 Brought Athletic 1
Montrose 2 Elmwood 4
Lochgelly 4 Scone Thistle 2
Harp 1 Kelty 5
Locheee United 6 Hill Of Beath 3
Brechin Vics 0 Lochore 1

23/10/03 - News update

Grant & Scott on the mend, Allan close to comeback.

Latest update on Grant Buist & Scott Peters is they are both making headway towards their recovery.
Grant's Scaphoid fracture to his hand has kept him out of the squad for the last few weeks. Scaphoid fractures can sometimes have a lengthy healing process. Scott's recovery is targeted for around the turn of the year.
Allan Ramsey's is on his way back and is back in training. Allan could be up for squad selection this weekend.

22/10/03 - News Update

William Hill odds

East Region Matches (2.30pm)
1/8 Arniston 6/1 Dalkeith 10/1
4/5 Bathgate 11/4 Bo'ness 9/4
8/13 Lochee Utd 5/2 Hill of Beath 7/2

Lothian League Cup Final (2:00pm) at Camelon
 9/2 Fauldhouse 10/3 Linlithgow 2/5

Singles Accepted

 Latest Outright
 OVD Scottish Junior Cup
 8 Maryhill

 9 Linlithgow, Tayport, Pollok
 10 Kilwinning
 12 Glenafton
 16 Arniston, Cumnock, Kilbirnie
 20 Auchinleck, Bathgate, Hill of Beath, Kilsyth, Larkhall,
 Newtongrange, Whitburn
 25 Bellshill, Bo'ness, Camelon, Johnstone, Kelty, Petershill
 33 Beith, Bonnyrigg, Carnoustie, Lochee Utd, Renfrew,
Shettleston, Troon
 40 Dundee NE, Glencairn, Glenrothes, Oakley, Shotts
 50 Cambuslang, East Kilbride, Hurlford, Largs, Lugar, Rob Roy,
St Anthony's
 66 Musselburgh, Perthshire, Thornton, Dundee Violet
 100 Blackburn, Pumpherston
 Ew 1/2 12 Others on Request

NCR (North / Tayside) Cup 2nd round draw
RAF Lossiemouth v Elmwood ; FC Stoneywood v Coupar Angus; Hall Russell United
or Sunnybank v Tayport; Turriff United v Lochee Harp; Parkvale v Carnoustie;
Ellon United v Scone Thistle; Bishopmill United v Dundee Violet; Longside v
Dundee North End; Forfar Albion v Aberdeen East End; Broughty Athletic v Dyce;
Lochee United v Maud; Montrose v Lossiemouth United; Arbroath Vics v Wilson's
Xl; Jeanfield v Glentanar; Arbroath SC v Buckie Rovers; Kinnoull v Forres

12/10/03 - News Update

Please check Newsline for updates between 14th - 22nd October - 01382552755

Full draw for Redwood Leisure Cup 1st round
Tayport v Kirrie Thistle -Oct 25th - 2-00pm
Kinnoull v St Andrews United,
Thornton v North End, Lochee
United v Hill of Beath,
Montrose v Elmwood,
Newburgh v Broughty Athletic,
Violet v Glenrothes,
Crossgates v Arbroath SC,
Brechin Vics v Lochore,
Oakley v Luncarty,
Lochee Harp v Kelty Hearts,
Steelend v Forfar West End,
Jeanfield Swifts v Rosyth,
Dundonald v Downfield,
Carnoustie v Kirkcaldy YM,
Lochgelly v Scone.

07/10/03 - News Update

**** Please Note**** This Saturday 11th October - Kelty v Tayport K-Off time changed to 2-00pm

Frazer Fitzpatrick won the players' golf outing at Scotscraig GC on Sunday past - 5th Oct

Latest Outright odds

William Hill Odds as at 6 October 2003
OVD Scottish Junior Cup
8      Maryhill
9      Pollok
10      Linlithgow Rose, Tayport
12      Arthurlie, Glenafton, Kilwinning
16      Johnstone, Kilbirnie, Hill of Beath
20      Auchinleck, Bathgate, Bonnyrigg, Carnoustie, Cumnock, Kelty,
Larkhall, Neilston, Newtongrange, Whitburn
25      Arniston, Bellshill, Bo'ness, Camelon, Dundee NE,
Fauldhouse, Petershill
33      Beith, Benburb, Irvine Meadow, Kilsyth, Renfrew,
Shettleston, Shotts, Troon
40      Cumbernauld, Glenrothes, Rutherglen Glencairn, Oakley
50      Cambuslang, Clydebank, East Kilbride, Hurlford, Largs,
Lochee Utd, Lugar, Rob Roy, St Anthony's, Thornton, Vale of Leven
66      Greenock, Lanark, Sauchie, Sunnybank
Ew 1/2 12Others on Request

William Hill This weeks latest odds as of 6/10/03
Saturday 11 October
Home            Draw            Away
West Region Super League Premier Division

1/3      Pollok      10/3      Neilston      6/1
6/4      Glenafton      13/5      Maryhill      5/4

West Region Super League First Division

1/3      Petershill      10/3      Lugar      6/1
11/8      Renfrew      5/2      Beith      11/8

East Region Super League

4/6      Bathgate      5/2      Bonnyrigg      16/5
8/11      Bo'ness      13/5      Hill Of Beath      11/4
8/5      Kelty      5/2      Tayport      6/5
2/5      Lochee Utd      10/3      Dundee NE      9/2
5/6      Oakley      5/2      Glenrothes      12/5
OVD Scottish Junior Cup First Round

8/5      Arniston      5/2      Arthurlie      6/5
7/4      Cumbernauld      5/2      Kilsyth      11/10
16/5      Irvine Meadow      5/2      Kilwinning      4/6
9/2      Maybole      10/3      Benburb      2/5
9/2      Sunnybank      10/3      Hurlford      2/5

Singles & Upwards Accepted

03/10/03 -  News Update

Tayport welcome newly promoted Lochee United to the Cainniepairt for a first all Tayside match of the new season. The Bluebells had a deserved win against second placed Kelty United last weekend and will be in a positive frame of mind. During the close season Lochee  added a few eyecatching players to their squad including Tommy King from North End and the former Dundee United star Ray McKinnon. Lochee hold plenty experience and quality and this match has the making of a great encounter.  - KO 2.30

02/10/03 - News Update

Latest William Hill Prices for Saturday 04/10/03

Saturday 4th October Home Draw Away
East Region Super League (2.30pm) 
8/5 Bonnyrigg 5/2 Arniston 6/5 2/1 Dundee NE 
12/5 Bo地ess Evs 12/5 Glenrothes 
5/2 Bathgate 5/6 11/4 Hill Of Beath 
13/5 Linlithgow 8/11 1/2 Kelty 13/5 Oakley 9/2 
2/5 Tayport 10/3 Lochee Utd 9/2
West Region Super League Premier Division (3:00pm) 
1/2 Cumnock 13/5 Larkhall 9/2 
2/7 Glenafton 10/3 Troon 15/2 
9/2 Johnstone 13/5 Pollok 1/2 
2/1 Kilbirnie 12/5 Arthurlie Evs 
11/10 Maryhill 5/2 Kilwinning 7/4 
8/5 Neilston 5/2 Auchinleck 6/5
West Region Super League First Division (3:00pm)
(Irvine Meadow 2pm) 
11/8 Beith 5/2 Shotts 11/8 
4/5 Bellshill 5/2 Shettleston 5/2 
11/4 Hurlford 13/5 Petershill 8/11 
11/10 Irvine Meadow 5/2 Cumbernauld 7/4 
1/3 Renfrew 10/3 Lugar 6/1 

News Update - 27/09/03

Tayport leave it late with a Brian Craik header
 - see match report - click     

News Update - 18/09/03

Defender Grant Buist will be out for at least six weeks after breaking his hand against Oakley on Saturday. Grant had fallen awkwardly on Saturday but shrugged it off as a stave. However the pain remained and the extent of the injury was only revealed Tuesday night after physio Norrie Marshall suspected all was not well and suggested Grant visit hospital.

News Update - 17/09/03

OVD Cup Draw ==== Tayport received a bye in the 1st round of the OVD Scottish Junior Cup drawn this afternoon. In fact only two Whyte & Mackay Super League sides did not receive byes Linlithgow Rose play at home to Deveronside (from Banff) and Arniston have pulled a cracker - at home to Arthurlie. Ties are on 11 October. For Full draw click here

News Update - 15/09/03

The "In With The Bricks" Wall is taking shape. At long last, things are moving and the first bricks have been laid. Another batch of inscribed bricks has been ordered so, if you've bought one, then it will soon be part of the wall which will effectively record the history of the club through those who have played or supported the club through the last 56 years. More info can be found here - click

Reminder - 12/09/03

A reminder to those traveling to the match at the Canniepairt tomorrow, Leuchars holds its yearly Air Display and traffic in the area could be busy.

News Update - 10/09/03

Tayport utility player Dougie Scott (40) has announced his retirement. In making the decision, Dougie recognised that the time resource required to maintain the fitness level necessary to compete at the top level in the junior game, was conflicting with off-the-field commitments. After a lengthy career in the senior game and recovering from the injury which effectively ended his senior career, Dave Baikie persuaded Doug to give it one more season and sign for Tayport. He agreed.......and what a season! Although not a regular starter, the season was a big bonus for Doug and ended with him collecting Scottish Junior Cup and Superleague medals last season. We wish him well in his retirement.

For past news click here

News Update 08/09/03

Alan Ramsey may return to light training on Wednesday, although his return to action is still some weeks away.

News Update 07/09/03

The draw for the OVD Scottish Junior Cup  will now take place on the 17th September. Ties will be played on 11th of October NOT the 4th as previously advised.
Harris Academy has commissioned a photograph of former pupils Gareth Dailly, Roberto Morris, Derek Wemyss And David Evans with the Scottish Junior Cup. The photographs will be added to the Hall Of fame at the school which has a collection of photos of former pupils who have had success in the sporting world.           

News update - 29/08/03

Roberto Morris faces a fitness test for tomorrow's match against Linlithgow Rose after picking  an injury last week against Hill Of Beath. Ralph Hunter and Ben Honeyman return to the squad with new signing Sean Christie (from North End) also inline for a possible starting place. Port go into this match looking for their first win in this seasons Championship. Linlithgow Rose are in a similar position on one point after 2 matches making this rematch of last years OVD Cup Final a game to look forward to.

Roberto Morris

Late Fitness Test

News update 28/08/03

'Tayport have moved quickly to fill the gap left by top scorer Davie Evans' transfer to Raith Rovers by signing North End striker Sean Christie. Formalities should be completed in time to allow Christie to be available for Saturday's game v Linlithgow'

News Update - 27/08/03

Tayport have arranged a friendly match with current Bells Cup semi finalists Raith Rovers, 
last years Bells Second Division Champions. Rovers who recently signed David Evans from Tayport will visit the Canniepairt on Sunday 7th September KO 2.30pm

Tayport manager Dave Baikie continues to look to adding to his squad. 
Keep an eye on the news page for further updates.

News Update 21/08/03

David Evans is set to sign for Raith Rovers tomorrow (Friday). The Tayport No. 11 for the past three seasons played an impressive trial for the Kirkcaldy side in midweek.

News Update 19/08/03

Tayport have arranged a friendly against Broughty Ferry 19/08/03 KO 6.45pm

Ben Honeyman heads for goal.

Broughty Ferry 1 Tayport 3 Tayport goalscorers Ben Honeyman, Gareth Dailly and Brian Craik. BF scorer Duell. Good workout for the Port.

News Update16/08/03

Steven Stewart

Report in today's Matchday Programme
Steven Stewart has been appointed new club captain. When Grant Paterson decided to hang up the captain's armband, Manager Baikie didn't take long to think about a successor and Steven's appointment was confirmed when he made an announcement to his team -mates as they warmed down after the Tow Law Game. Steven made his debut in 1994 and returned to the Canniepairt in 2001 after eighteen months at East Stirling and Montrose

Kevin Heenan

New signing Kevin Heenan played in the starting line up today. Signed from Arbroath FC. A right sided winger with Arbroath Kevin was reported to have interested Liverpool and Hearts a couple of seasons ago.

News Update15/08/03

Negotiations are on-going between a striker who played regularly in the Bell's first division last season and these could be completed befor Saturdays match with Bathgate Thistle at the Canniepairt==Super League flag will be presented around 2.20pm

News Update11/08/03

The Super League Flag will be presented to Tayport before the next match - Sat 16 aug 2.25 at the Canniepairt

The club website is having a major overhaul, we would like to apologies for any inconvenience caused
during these changes. The site will be updated with fixtures/results and any news which becomes available.

News Update 09/08/03

New signings
Tayport, who have had little 
to report in the way of 
comings and goings during the
close season, have signed midfield player John Elliott, formerly of 
Dundee FC and Cowdenbeath, and striker
Ben Honeyman, formerly of Brechin City
Forfar Athletic and Dundee United.

Civic reception
Tayport, East Fife and Raith Rovers were given a joint Civic Reception
by Fife Council in Glenrothes to recognise their respective successes of
last season.
Tayport head south this weekend to play two friendly matches in the
north of England v Albany Northern League sides - Tow Law Town on Friday
evening (7.45pm) and Morpeth Town on Saturday (3pm

News Update 01/08/03

Platinum Club
Membership includes All home matches. 
Exclusive pre-match refreshments in 
the lounge, complimentary programme, 
half time cup of Bovril - also in the lounge 
and after the match a chance to chew the 
fat with the management over a cuppa.
as a bonus you get the opportunity to 
travel with the official party to 

all away matches when we travel by coach.

Johnny Mitchell Tayport's 22 year old right-sided midfielder has signed 
for East Fife.
Robbie Holden the Goal scoring teenager has signed for Kinnoull.
Robbie from Bridge Of earn scored the last minute winner in the North End Challenge Cup Final.
Duncan Bruce has gone to Kinnoull
David Fisher has signed for Downfield

Player Of The Year
Players/Player Of The Year
Scott Peters
Fans Player Of The Year
John Ward
Supporters Award
Roberto Morris
Goal Of The Season
Steven Stewart
(free Kick against North End)

Admission prices remain the same for season 2003/04 at 」3 (concessions - 」1)
OVD Scottish Junior Cup Ties 
(up to quarter final stage) 」4 (」2)

Season Tickets/membership stay at 」25 
for adults and 」10 for concessions. 
Great bargain as you could pay much
the same for one SPL match.

Membership includes access to 
members lounge where you can 
enjoy a cuppa and a bit of a cake/biscuit.
Membership/season tickets cover 
access to league matches only although 
the "extras" at half time apply 
to every home match.